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Archives for May 2003

a horrible thing to see

(today turned out grey and chilly. figures…but we spent most of it watching movies, anyway.) I kept going on my work breaking up the novel, and ran into something I’d forgotten about that just about stopped me cold: “RETYPE LOST DRAFT HERE.” Um, yeah. Which means that it’s a section that I lost when a […]

good work for the evening

I just finished breaking up the first two sections of my long-suffering scifi novel into “scenes” – although I realized at some point in the middle that I have some chunk that are in other files besides the massive canonical version I’ve been primarily working off of for at least the last three-four years (since […]

summer bursts upon us

today summer, the preface of it anyway, burst upon us with temps in the high 60s (?) and a pale sky, mildly humid. I went down to the library in the late afternoon/early evening on the bus (C was biking), and then wandered around downtown for a bit – iced mocha at B&B (odd moment: […]

a little better already

C picked me up on his way to an appointment, and I got a shower when I got home. so I’m feeling a little more positive, even if none of the below has changed.

an impressively sour mood

I’m tired and irritable. $income < $what_Id_like_to_spend. not writing. in between things to read. lots of stuff on my to-do lists, most of which I’d rather not do, or have been procrastinating on, or both. getting a sore throat. mole (?) dug up one of the plants in my garden. feeling bad about myself for […]

tweaking again, with public performance

yeah, I finally got annoyed with my last design. those little boxes were weird to right-click on, and they never lined up quite right except (maybe) in my primary home browser. so I’m playing around with one of the squidfingers patters and a photo of my own as the main elements. not quite happy with […]

“web usability focus group” (this is sorta work-related)

and I didn’t get home until pretty late last night, which is why I’m writing now. last week we got a call from someone connected with our credit union, asking whether C wanted to participate in a focus group related to their website. strangely, they kept missing him when they called, so it wasn’t until […]

up too late again (some thoughts about the day)

this time, I’m just waiting for sheets to dry, with Speed Racer playing low in the background. today was one of those immensely beautiful days that start in every year about this time. I wore shorts and sandals, even sunscreen, and for a little while, a straw hat. Spent the morning with C helping B […]