up too late again (some thoughts about the day)

this time, I’m just waiting for sheets to dry, with Speed Racer playing low in the background.

today was one of those immensely beautiful days that start in every year about this time. I wore shorts and sandals, even sunscreen, and for a little while, a straw hat. Spent the morning with C helping B around the corner put in tile floor. Strange how much the back-of-the-envelope style of calculation that I’ve gotten used to creating CSS layouts turned out to be helpful in figuring out how to lay out the tile. And as I told C, at least the size of the tile and the room doesn’t change depending on what kind of house you’re in. 🙂

I’m glad to have helped; there’s a difference between seeing something like that on TV, and seeing it in person, still more with actually doing it yourself. (I was mostly the eye in the sky, and hander-off of tile, but also spread a little mastic and laid a few tiles myself.)

after we ran out of mastic, we came back here and I puttered around in the tiny square that I consider my “garden” of the otherwise wild yard, transplanting a few things from pots into the ground, weeding, taking pictures. then C went for a bike ride, and I sat out in my butterfly chair, reading and drinking punch. (that would be the moment for the straw hat.) toes in the grass, classical music in the air: happiness.

of course, by evening, the clouds were rolling in, and we even got a tiny spattering of rain. but that’s good; less need to water the plants.

so much do I not want to go to work tomorrow. 😉