summer bursts upon us

today summer, the preface of it anyway, burst upon us with temps in the high 60s (?) and a pale sky, mildly humid. I went down to the library in the late afternoon/early evening on the bus (C was biking), and then wandered around downtown for a bit – iced mocha at B&B (odd moment: at the table next to me, two women were talking mostly in German about American politics, as far as I could tell from the English bits), walk down Capitol (Way? Blvd.?) where there were lots of sale tables out on the sidewalk. picked up a pair of strappy leather sandals for $10. woohoo!

and tonight I’m on my own, so it’s been KUOW all evening so far, lots of tweaks to the site design – my own plus and minus graphics and more readable text. I’d just like to say again, for the record, how much it irritates me that Blogger Pro generates line breaks instead of paragraphs. (I’d prefer to drop the bottom paragraph margin entirely and use text-indent, but it looks all wrong.)

but I’m going to stop with the Web stuff – a little reading & ice cream, then maybe finish the movie I was watching last night, or possibly other projects, which I’d just as soon not jinx by mentioning. 😉