tweaking again, with public performance

yeah, I finally got annoyed with my last design. those little boxes were weird to right-click on, and they never lined up quite right except (maybe) in my primary home browser. so I’m playing around with one of the squidfingers patters and a photo of my own as the main elements. not quite happy with the layout yet – too much scrolling, way more “sidebar” stuff than content on most section. (not this one, though.)

– gotta do something different with the sidebar boxes. I’m resigning myself to having a pretty standard two-column layout, and trying hard not to go to three-column.
– needs some navigation right up at the top. (skip links all ’round, too.) hmmm, maybe I’ll use that “click to expand” thing that I set up for the school’s new home page. that’d be cool.
– better display of most recent album picture. that code is messy, too; I’d like to wrangle it into something tighter & more intelligible.
– then, of course, some tweaks of the actual text formatting. more distinction of blog entry titles, larger line-height.