me and google

I was starting to read A Nation of Voyeurs (boston globe, so the link will disintegrate quickly!) about Google and personal boundaries, privacy, etc., when I realized I’d never gone past the first page of search results for my name. and since this site is the first result for my name, and the other results on the page are definitely not me (a bikini supermodel, somebody involved with a balloon race, and a woman who works for a Presbyterian church a kindergarten teacher – sorry, the Presbyterian seems to have vanished), I’d never even thought that much about.

today I went through page 40, and…there’s quite a few pages with my name on them.

comments on Delacour’s (about Meyer-Briggs)
comments on One Pot Meal’s (about community)
Brainstorms and Raves links to my work blog
Library Planet links to my work blog
blog about Asperger’s (no longer active) credits my template

Email lists and other groups:
WebAIM by author and a random group of threads
evolt member page
WebWord new members in Nov. 2002 and rogues gallery (I don’t seem to actually be on this page, but I imagine I was at some time in the past).

About page for the events calendar (they also had a link to the entry page, but since I altered it so you can’t get in w/out a network account, there’s no point in linking to it.
a very old resume (probably about 3 years old – I didn’t know my tripod site was still around!)

Very miscellaneous:
listing in an poetry anthology series
JPL press release from October 1987