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How to be a philosopher: “Set out not to solve any problems. Do this in spades.”
Practical Internet Code – good javascript stuff…if dead-ugly design.
Anhedonia (a poem)
keep Firefly on the air! – have not written about this before, but Firefly rocks! (I like it better than Buffy, definitely.) write UPN & beg them to keep it alive.
An inclusive internet – gov’t sites and accessibility – should really go on the workblog.
contest to design the new Amaya splash page…Amaya is the strangest browser I have ever used…for a W3C project, it has insanely lousy CSS support.
Baldur talks about the authorial voice and the weblog. he’s an insanely smart guy. 🙂
How to get an “A” from…

some new (to me) blogs:
Elizabeth Lane Lawley
this public address (links to me!)
wireless librarian