an old friend in meatspace

I was home sick on Wednesday, and when I got back to the office on Thursday, there was a message from Tom: he was going to be in town Thurs & Fri, and he’s moving (back) to England. I did finally get a hold of him, and we went to Johnny’s Greek Cafe for lunch on Friday.

another person in my life who it’s always good to talk to & hang out with. Tom’s the one who pretty much got me started on this whole web thing, back in the United Way days, when we were cube neighbors, and pretty much the only person I have any contact with anymore from back then. and he’s not a reader of the weblog (stopped reading when my site went awol last winter), so there was lots to talk about.

he finally has his own site,, which to my dismay doesn’t work quite right in Mozilla, but has some pretty good music, and a picture of the top of his head. (my first comment, when he came up to my office: “you grew hair!”)

oh, and he’s selling a bunch of stuff, so if you’re in Portland, go check it out! don’t take the rug, though – I want it. 😉