okay, so that was longer than after going to the store

a bunch of other stuff happened, like going to Mt. Rainier…we resupplied a few friends who are hiking the wonderland trail. we got to camp overnight at Mowich Lake, which was absolutely gorgeous (pictures later, hopefully), and not only brought the supplies they asked for, but made dinner and breakfast.

we really need a sleeping pad for our tent, though – I hardly got a wink of sleep, except for this exceptionally strange dream about UPS (the school, not the postal service). got up in the middle of the night, after the (almost full!) moon had set…vast fields of starts, Orion rising in the east. I could tell where civilization was, though, from the fading of the stars and the brightening of the sky off to the northwest.

and the road was…painful, coming up from Wilkeson and Carbonado and into the forest. very bouncy.