“personal transparency”

first off, Dorothea writes beautifully about blogging & the family.

I too have wondered about what might happen should random people (family, friends, other sorts of acquaintences) run into this little page…so far, all of those random moments have been quite pleasant – mostly on the level of “yeah, I saw something about X on your weblog.” (so have said Elizabeth, Kat, Tom, Kermit)

and occasionally I have held back about personal things because of the unknown audience. a few months ago, Kermit would’ve merely been “K”, because I was feeling cautious & coy. but I’ve worked that out (sort of) with the one person whose (anticipated) reaction made me uneasy. I know that my life is just fragmented enough, and I’m just cowardly/cautious enough that some things seem best unsaid. (whether that’s true or not will be left as an exercise for the reader.)

C & I have an agreement about my blogging that has always reminded me of the role of Anais Nin’s husband in her diaries: he wishes to remain a figure in the background, not an object of discussion…and I’ve agreed to that, because I respect him…but it means that sometimes things I’d sort of like to write about, I refrain from doing so.

I don’t know what my point is, really, except – go read what Dorothea wrote, she’s much more eloquent than I. (also, I need to go to the store. more (I went to a party!) when I get back.)