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Archives for August 2002

a couple of links

– my watershed – by way of Rebecca Blood – bread salad – from megnut – sounds very tasty. maybe I’ll make it sometime next week. (with no onions!) – Asheville Poetry Review (I gave CSS advice!)

yeah, that’s my house

so I managed to catch some of Anywhere But Here tonight. it didn’t interest me much – sounded like a coming-of-age-with-a-crazy-mom story (like we don’t all have those!), but some of it was filmed in the house where I grew up. oddly enough, it wasn’t the part set in LA, but the part set in […]

goddamn student loans

I hate Sallie Mae. I try to pay on time, online to save stamps, and last month I apparently entered my 20,000 digit account number wrong – so they deducted the money from my account, went “hey, this money doesn’t belong to anybody”, then sent it back with nary a word. so this month I […]

oh, the backlog

so I’ve got this humongous list of links in my drafts tab…which I really want to share with my four readers…except that I’m sort of dreading reviewing all the links, figuring out what they link to, and writing brief thoughtful commentary. question to the peanut gallery, then: can I just post the links uncommented? (except […]

a few thoughts on being a homeowner

1) I actually want to do things correctly. 2) I’m not sure I know how to do things correctly. 3) it doesn’t feel quite real. 4) so far, we have found: a 1942 Nazi 10 pfennig piece, a blue bead, a little red army man, a tiny plastic gun, and an weird little fork (3 […]

today is better

all transportation was go today. Sasha was very fussy last night, needed lots of attention, while Maddy was more aloof. still tired, but not quite so spacy. did a little writing on the bus – picked up Steering the Craft again, which would make this my third attempt. Kat & I didn’t get very far, […]


it’s been such a day. my email is down, for those who might care. I had to set my alarm for 4:15 this morning to walk to catch a bus (the vanpool would be short drivers the week that I can’t get a ride in an emergency!) only I accidentally set it for 4:15 p.m.. […]

various words of wisdom

from diveintomark: If you can imagine yourself not doing what you’re doing, do something else. Do whatever it is that you can’t not do. and Gus has written an excellent bit on credibility & the media – the comments are pretty interesting, too. All of us know which of our friends are prone to exaggeration; […]


I’m back on the ‘net – dial-up again, alas. house thing is going well. had a big bbq last night, neighborhood buddies & Kat down from Seattle. it was way cool, a warm evening with tasty food & mellow conversation. (mmmm…s’mores….) today is a little more tropical, with hard downpours like we hardly ever get […]