oh, the backlog

so I’ve got this humongous list of links in my drafts tab…which I really want to share with my four readers…except that I’m sort of dreading reviewing all the links, figuring out what they link to, and writing brief thoughtful commentary. question to the peanut gallery, then: can I just post the links uncommented? (except maybe for a title)

in other backlogs, I’ve been continuing to write Steering the Craft exercizes, and finding that my general interest and energy for writing is greatly increased. I also realized this morning that I’ve been holding back on writing on Aila again, and I’m not entirely sure why…some weird vague sense of responsibility for the story…but I really want to write more of that story. I love her, I love her story and that milieu. so, alongside my exercizes, I’m going to haul out as many of the different drafts and micro-drafts that I can find, and start re-reading & re-weaving. and that makes me happy.

I’m also going to reactivate the ailablog, initially to hold copies of my exercizes (and possibly even to write some of them), and maybe later it will again have notes for the novel. don’t know for sure. maybe, someday, it’ll be a weblog about getting the darn thing published. 🙂