goddamn student loans

I hate Sallie Mae. I try to pay on time, online to save stamps, and last month I apparently entered my 20,000 digit account number wrong – so they deducted the money from my account, went “hey, this money doesn’t belong to anybody”, then sent it back with nary a word. so this month I logged in to discover that I had an extra payment due…because this has not been a good month for me keeping track of things. luckily, my monthly payments aren’t that high, but still.

oh, and the whole fscking navigation for their account management system requires Javascript for no apparent reason. at this point, I can only quote Mark Pilgrim: “Don’t even get me started on those dynamic Javascript-based menu systems. They make you look cool like smoking makes you look cool. Use real links.”

but hey…I made my last payment on my other loan last month, and wasn’t that lovely. (must remember to download deferment forms for C.)