today is better

all transportation was go today. Sasha was very fussy last night, needed lots of attention, while Maddy was more aloof. still tired, but not quite so spacy. did a little writing on the bus – picked up Steering the Craft again, which would make this my third attempt. Kat & I didn’t get very far, when we tried it years ago (before Q?) – and Q didn’t finish it either after our summer retreat (2 years ago now!), but both times it’s been a great positive influence on my writing – hopefully that will also be the case with myself as a “Lone Navigator.”

on that note, here’s a blog entry on ellipses and other forms of punctuation…I love ellipses, dashes (tho I rarely use them correctly), and parentheses. (duh!)

not related at all: another little guy gets taken on by the man – I must remember to download some of his fonts…I remember loving gauss jordan. (oh the fonts I’ve lost on reformatted hard drives…it’d make your heart ache.)