let’s start with this….

my tree, up close and personal

I have a page full of pictures, mostly stuff that’s not quite right, to make sure that it gets checked out during the inspection, but this one is just an expression of art and happiness. here’s a fairly straightforward shot:

that 70s house

the 2nd walkthru went really well. I’d forgotten that the house has a dishwasher and vinyl windows. C’s folks seemed really impressed/pleased with it, and when we dropped by Brent’s, Jennifer (mom) and Dani (B’s girlfriend) got quite involved talking plants and landscaping. 🙂

then we went to the realtor’s, signed more papers and handed over the earnest money.

more coffee. (we’d stopped by the starbucks in the Lakewood safeway before heading down.) then back to Brent & Dani’s, where I promptly fell on my face on the front steps. ow, ow, and more ow. got a lovely long scratch on my glasses lens, bumped my mouth/nose, knee and elbow. very graceful, E. but a little ice and a little tylenol and I was much better. or something.

now I’m just trying to relax and plan for the next few weeks. we have a lot of packing and cleaning to do!