today we’re going to Oly

today we’re going to Oly with C’s parents…to look at & take pictures of the house that we’re going to sign the contract to buy. yipes. wow. and oh my god.

needless to say, it’s been an exciting, if somewhat traumatic, week. I’m really happy & nervous right now – that pessimistic side of me waiting for something terrible to happen. 🙂

the house is a 4 bedroom, 1.75 bath (2nd bath has shower but no tub) – fenced yard – carport, no garage. 2 things made it the right house…first, it’s in totally liveable condition, no need to do any major work right off (pending a full inspection, of course) – second, it’s in the exact neighborhood that I’d want to live in down there.

we had this long back & forth about whether to stay in Pierce Co. (most likely Lakewood) or to move to Olympia. I’ve been hesitant about the latter, because I don’t know the town that well, I’m concerned about commuting, etc. but this house is in a neighborhood I know, where old friends of C’s live (people I like, too!), near a park, a grocery store, a video store, bus lines – walking distance to downtown, even. (plus I hear there’s a vanpool to the college.)

so I’m happy. pictures to follow soon.