house-hunting makes me buggy

today I go to talk to the loan people at the bank again.

on a happier note, my contact form got used yesterday by someone I haven’t talked to in years and years, not for any dark distressing reason, but just because people drift away. when I knew her first, we were at music camp together, in a week that I remember as being particularly insane, and she wasn’t really my friend so much as Edith & K’s. our friendship, as it was, was centered around music – we both played the viola – esp. since we went to different schools, and I can’t say that I had any other friends at her (very tony private) school. there was also something about a little homemade film, if memory serves correctly. (and one of Edith’s nasty falling-outs: something about Gus (Jill, then) saying she was a hack.)

as I seem to be saying a lot these days…flash forward a few years. (at least 10.)

she’s changed nicknames, dropped the viola, taken up dance and the web. continues to write – among other places, in a lucid and funny weblog with an odd name.

time passes and alignments change. one’s interests mutate slowly over time, accruing from first enthusiasms, add political and social dimensions. a social network breaks down and its members scatter to the corners of the earth. (last night, I was joking about the college, describing it as “go to the end of the earth and take a left.” Chad, being literal, says “but the earth doesn’t have an end.” nor, I suppose, does it have corners.) new networks evolve and dissolve. and so, years later, one reconnects and discovers that while the original reasons for friendships may or may not still exist (I too have quit the viola, in my case by dint of robbery), in the best of all possible worlds there has been some kind of parallel evolution.

if I wasn’t so tired I could say something more interesting or at least less roundabout.

also, I’ve finally got my archive set right – I’m also working on re-posting my old weblog, from before the great webhost crash of aught-two.