no closer to either epic poem, but on the other hand….

I wish I could have gone to the O’Reilly Emerging Technologies conference that all the cool people were blogging about, esp. to see this seminar about LiveJournal & six degrees of separation.

I wish I could get just the cable channels I want, like Cartoon Network, ’cause…wow. hamtaro.

nifty (non-work-related) weblogs: Burning Bird, Johnathan Delacour, Life Outta Context. and somebody was quoting the song I’m listening to right now, but I don’t remember who! (weirdly enough, it was the first search result for the name of the song.)

like the cartoon says…”Mr. Osborne, can I go home now? My brain is full.” I’m going to unplug the rest of tonight and continue reading The Dream Machine, about JCR Licklider and the evolution of computer. when I get done, I’m going to write a bit about it – I’ve been marking (w/bits of paper, this is a library book!) things that intrigue me.