don’t say I never linked anything….

The Internet of Groups – Weinberger always has an interesting take on things, even if he is a user of the word “blogosphere.”

[…]we’re mainly reading the views of strangers. The obvious solution to the trust problem is to seek out a discussion that starts with the people, not the product.

which makes me think of every mailing list I’ve ever been on. you hang out on a list long enough, you get to know the people, and when you want advice about something – products, services, life in general – you toss the question at the list.

When Pigs Fly – lovely and weird, it reminds me a little of Kat’s dragon novel. except that the subject reminds me of that Simpsons where Lisa becomes a vegetarian….

An Introduction to Quantum Computing – for reading later.

Stephen Jay Gould dead at 60. I remember hearing a few discussions between Chad & Lance about him. (and we had the same birthday – one of the more interesting shared birthdays.)

gravity boots, sort of

American Anti-gravity – emailed by Dan – WTF?

Why it makes sense to beat a dead horse – courtesy of MeFi (metatalk)

when copyright attacks