blasting the past

first off, I think I heard someone I used to know (Jon Buck?!) on the radio.

then…today I got more info about the reunion in the mail, including a questionnaire.

are you married? yes, but I still don’t believe in it. how long? two years and two months. did you marry your high school sweetheart? no, but we did live together for three years…. who? assuming they’re referring to the person I actually did marry – the adorable Chad A.

what are the names and ages of your children? I have no children, and no interest (yet?!) in having any. (what’s with this domestic crap?)

what is your occupation? my job title is Web manager, but I’d describe my profession as Web developer/designer, and accessibility maven.

how far will you be traveling to attend the reunion? ’round about 1300 miles.

what is your best memory of Blair? ummm, can I come back to that one? in fact, that might require some kind of essay or epic poem.

who/what were your favorites in high school? teacher: Ms. Nicholson, of course. music: off the top, I’m going for the Cure and U2. movies: Heathers, The Doors.

what is the most interesting place you have visited since high school? most exotic to me would be Boston, my one and only trip to the east coast. my favorite non-Puget Sound place is SF, of which I have very fond memories.

What are your hobbies or interests? writing, web design, weblogs, jewelry making, reading, dancing, taking long drives to no-where, listening to NPR, thinking about alternative social structures.

what was your most memorable experience since high school? yeah. family friendly, or the actually most memorable? see 1993 trip to Portland, below. Heather Elizabeth Albin, just in general. the ups and downs of the Q group. finally finishing a draft of a novel. 1996.

and of course they ask if I know where anybody is. yeah, right.