what about illness & infirmity

what about illness & infirmity in Ult/Alac, anyway? I’ve always figured that illness was relatively rare among the Imperians, given their level of medical technology, but you’d have to imagine that the Alac would suffer from all sorts of medical problems, from colds on up. and I don’t think I’ve shown that, either.

my next step, I think, is to take the bits that I’ve written here and integrate them into the narrative, writing around them to fill in Aila’s first year at the Crater. (assuming, of course, that her first year includes a short journey away by Marcus, and ends before she goes off the menstrual medication.) I’m hoping, of course, that that work will give me enough heft in that section to power both the very, very weak section that goes right before it, and the remainder of the crater section.

and I’ve changed my mind again – while the formal name is going to stay “Delta Base”, the majority of its inhabitants will refer to the place as “the crater.” it just feels more natural to me, and seems more fitting for the people, the setting, etc., etc.

of course, I’m still missing, near as I can tell, a lot of the setup for part 2 (Ult) and the political issues that play out there. but I haven’t forgotten….