watching 24 while blogging. I

watching 24 while blogging. I was gonna post a link to a weblogger quiz I saw the other day, but she’s been overwhelmed by its popularity. poor thing. I wonder if I could mirror it? <shrug>

I think I’m going to go in tomorrow, at least for a little bit. I want to see how the techs did with my new hard drive, and I want to dump in the contents of the zip disks sitting in front of me. mmm…nice clean hard drive. I can’t wait to get it set up the way I want! we’ll see how long I last. I figure I might make it until lunchtime, but possibly less than that if I’m sneezing a lot. I don’t wanna infect the rest of the office.

see, now it’s 9:30, and my brain is picking back up again. I don’t know what it is. when I’m sick, I totally lose brain power around midday and lose it until evening. then I have this little burst, which always leads me to go to bed later than I ought. damn.