I started trying to write

I started trying to write more “source materials” – to get into the zone to start writing revision:

N: This research will make my career, I know it. The chance to study the physiology of an unincorporated sentient being no ones done it, not in 200 years.

A: But I thought you wanted to get your cert in plants?

N: I want to work in plants. But I need to get my cert first, and if it gets me a little notoriety too, well, thats not such a bad thing, is it?

A: I guess. Maybe well get a position back on Unitad, after I finish my cert research. Of course, if you finish your cert first, Id be happy to go with you and finish with database research. Its not like my work cant get done anywhere. 🙂

N: Youre too sweet. Im wondering, though, if I could get a Corp position. Ive been talking to Bradley about it.

ugh. this sucks. what do I really want to write? I want to understand the motivations of Nadine, Bradley, and Marcus. Marcus I get. I’ve always understood him, for the most part. He, Aila, and Reboa have been the characters that have stayed the most stable over the 7+ years I’ve been working on this thing. But I have this feeling that Nadine (N, above – A is her bfriend, Aaron) and Bradley are key to understanding the dynamics of the “offworlders” culture. Nadine is a student, doing research to get her “cert” – she’s a biologist. Aila is a project to her – to some extent, this is true for Marcus as well, but Marcus also cherishes Aila as an individual.

Bradley, on the other hand, is a geologist(? or perhaps a botanist – that’s what he is in the original draft) who does research for the Corp (as does Joan, later, btw).