March 12, 2022

I used a picot bindoff (cast on 2, bind off 8) instead of the crocheted edge, because I don’t know crochet and didn’t want to risk screwing it up.

Sleeves were knit to round 4 of repeat 14, they are also slightly larger around than the pattern (possibly my row gauge is larger?) – where pattern calls for picking up 25 st, I picked up 29. Tbh kind of like having a slightly bigger sleeve anyway.

Still need to weave in ends, wash/block, and sew on a button.

Remade Slouchy

Made with handspun that Emi gave Ryn: Two if by Hand Ring Nebula, 75% merino/25% nylon, 225yds/4oz

Into the Desert

December 12, 2021

The chart is confusing/inaccurate: every round with cabling should be followed by a round in the established pattern of knits and purls. (do not need extra rounds following rounds 1, 13, 14, 24, or 25)

Additionally, instead of moving the BoR marker, I added another marker between stitches 6 and 7 for the offset section, rounds 16-22)

(i did have to rip back and restart after the ribbing when I realized the cabling did not look like the photo, and that the note about “wrong side rows” was an instruction for “rounds following a cabled round”!)

Ursa – grey

April 24, 2021

Two extra rows before sleeve separation

April 29, 2021

Sleeve: pick up 7 underarm stitches, knit 7 pattern repeats plus 5 rounds counter should read 6/8


Ended up a little shorter than pattern calls for, maybe 1/4 – 1/2 inch, but I was worried about running out of yarn! Used almost the whole skein.

Have not (yet) blocked – fits close if brim is folded over, slouchy if not.