too much to read

First, a personal note.? I am doing much better, well enough to ride my bike to the vanpool today.? C is getting better also, albeit more slowly.? The sun (o the sun!) is helping both of us.

After bookmarking/blogging/whatever the 5th article in two days that I’d tagged as “to-read” because I just don’t have the brainspace or time for it now, it occurred to me that I have an input problem.

The same thought comes to me when I get an email from the library saying my hold is ready, and I’ve hardly even cracked the last book I picked up.

You know that saying about “eyes are bigger than the stomach”?? I think I’m that way with words, because when I get to the library, I almost always end up grabbing 2 or 3 more books in addition to the hold.? Hey, they look interesting.

Several things happen as a result:

  1. I don’t read all of the things I really want to.
  2. I forget stuff that I’ve read, because I read it too quickly.? (With the internets, this is less of a problem, as I can generally find it later if I need to reference something in particular.)
  3. I work less on my own projects, be they web sites or stories, or sometimes, embarassingly enough, stuff around the house.

I don’t know what to do about it.? Or even what to think…it’s amazing that all this good stuff is out there.

I’ve learned more in the last couple of years than I did in most of the decade before that.? I’ve met people, thought big thoughts, connected incredibly disparate books, essays & whatnot in ways that engage my mind.? Plus there’s all that good practical education.
Which doesn’t make me feel any less as though I were drowning in words.

Funny thing for a hyperlexic to say, ain’t it?

like a tubercular smoker

Over the last few days I’ve developed this lovely cough; the back of my throat is itchy and I feel the compulsion to cough every few minutes. Otherwise, I feel fine. Tired, as usual, just because I’m not meant to be awake before 7:30 am, but generally upbeat and creative.

I’m not done with it yet, so no review, but those of you who have encountered depression in one way or another should run to your library (bookstore, Amazon, whatever) and get Against Depression. Some science, but a lot of philosophy. I mentioned it to C last night and called it mind-expanding.

So your head is like a popcorn kernel popping?

Yes, precisely. Big fluffy thoughts springing forth!

Or something like that. Seriously, though, go find a copy now. I’m even thinking of emailing a select group of friends who I don’t think read this too often.
(Thanks, Kat, for the recommendation.)

help me understand….

I’m not using an IDE for PHP development now.? Alex King (whose blog is down at the moment) has been speaking quite highly of Zend Studio (which I can’t afford) and also mentioned PHPeclipse (which I can afford) as an alternative.

Why would I want to use an IDE?? Why wouldn’t I?

(Don’t know what an IDE is?? Then move along; there’s nothing to see here….)

back into the routine

today was back to work.? my email load was somewhere upwards of 500, but at least half of that was in spam, and a good quarter in some sort of discussion about parking woes during building construction.? (so glad to have a vanpool, with a reserved spot even.)

it was a relatively light day, on purpose, trying to get back into my routine.? what I’d really like is to give my routine a little jolt from all this mind-expandingness.

yesterday when we were out biking, we ran into somebody in town, and I was talking about my trip, and he said that I looked the “sparkliest” (I think that was the word) that he’d seen me in a long time.? I don’t want to lose that feeling!

although life seems to conspire against one…looks like our furnace went out this morning.? C has been handling it, for which I am very grateful.? it sucks to try to coordinate that sort of thing from here.? hopefully it won’t be so expensive as to preclude any opportunity of going to SXSW next year. 😉

my blog traffic seems to have settled down as well, from the dizzying highs of Shelley’s link to my notes back to about the usual numbers.? (damn that measure map for being so addictive!)? tonight C is going to a friend’s kid’s basketball game, so I’m going to try to finish summaries of my notes and post them as a clump.

I think I need to hide my lunch somewhere on campus everyday so I have a reason to get up and walk to wherever I left it.? because it’s not like I was super-active during the days of the conference, but I did have to at least walk far enough to get lunch.

honestly, for all that the pre-conference blogs talked about gaining weight and such, I think I was in the best health habits I’ve had in a long time.? it was a consious choice.? I rented a bike, and I used it.? didn’t drink any soda, although I had (incredibly good) lemonade on my gardening day and a number of mochas.? tried to go for fruit as much as possible.? no seconds.? and I only had dessert twice.

which had an interesting side effect…the cookie I had at Halcyon wasn’t particularly memorable, but the brownie ala mode at Magnolia Cafe South?? that is a dessert I will remember for the rest of my life.? it stood out so perfectly, the molten hot brownie contrasted and soothed by the vivid vanilla ice cream.


higher ed webbies at SXSW

Saturday, March 11
6:30 – 7:45 pm
Buffalo Billiards (6th & Brazos)

Chip Diffendaffer from the University of Denver is organizing, so RSVP to him at He recommends wearing gear from your college…I won’t be, but then again, I’m not going as a rep of the school, either.

seen on the PM-clinic list

in re: job listings:

My personal favorite [on Craigslist] was the one that listed as a required skill “RTFM” along with a long list of other acronyms.

tiny celebration

I have now gone two solid months ending my work days with no email in my inbox.? it’s a happy feeling.

what I need to do before going to SXSW

  • pick a damn camera already I got the Sony, and so far so good.
  • write down all the addresses I need
  • get a new bag to carry the laptop?
  • print out bus info from the airport to the hotel
  • figure out clothes
  • print flight info
  • send flight info to HEA (did I do that already?) along with my cell #
  • make a list of stuff to take
  • see if I can get a guidebook from the library no, unfortunately.
  • take/upload badge photo

I have this back-of-the-brain nagging feeling that I’m forgetting something really important, and I have no freaking idea what it is.

I know “you” don’t really care about this list, but I know I’ll find it again later if I put it here. 🙂

help me decide

I’m considering getting a new camera to take to SXSW next month…although I’ve also been thinking about it for probably a year.

Should I buy….

I kinda need to do this now, because I’ve been putting off making any sort of a decision for almost a month.

Financially, I’m leaning towards the Sony, which I think would be good enough, although I find myself lusting after the digital elphs (elves?).

I love taking pictures, but am by no means a photography snob. My 1.3 MP Sony has been good enough, quality-wise, for 3 1/2 years. I just don’t take as many as I’d like because it’s so freaking bulky, and now the battery life is getting wonky.