I spent a shocking portion of my day bashing my head up against various chunks of PHP madness.? Now I feel stoopid.

(anybody know anything about bloxsom flavours, particularly for bloxsom.php?!)

just about back

I finally figured out how to get it all working again, well, except for the poetry that was irretreviably lost.

Big shout-out to Ralph, who made a suggestion (in one of the two entries in the temporary blog) that got me going.

FYI: I uploaded the old tables into the database, added a 2nd install of 2.0 and upgraded it, then pointed the 1st install of 2.0 to the old tables. I think.

Of the core bits of my site, the only part that’s left to work on is the “about” section. The old stuff may or may not come back. (I’d love to get a round tuit for my birthday this year.)
I suppose it begs the question why I use 4 different programs to maintain my site. Mostly it’s because I like each bit for something slightly different, also I like to keep up on a variety of tools. Something about having a hammer making everything look like a nail. No one program is always the answer.

As for media diet in particular, I just enjoy having something of (mostly) my own making to futz about with now and again.