Color Block Beanie

Tried to make a pompom but didn’t pull tight enough, and tbqh didn’t have enough of the blue. But a soft and comfy hat nonetheless.

Pincha shawl

This project was much more enjoyable than I expected, although it was not at ALL a project I could travel with. Instead it was good for sitting and listening to a podcast or watching a movie. After about the first 3 or 4 repeats I even figured out the rhythm so I didn’t have to look up the pattern, though I did have to count every single row.

Total number of feathers: 21, with probably not quite enough yarn for a 22nd.

Ionic Fingerless Mitts

November 30, 2019

Turns out, I missed an entire repeat of the pattern (on the wrist end) and did the palm in 1×1 ribbing instead of stockinette. Still think they’ll be ok tho.

Brioche for Beginners

(also using a mystery rainbow fingering-weight yarn)

I kinda messed up the last stitch of the round for a couple of inches, ended up with a double-column of what looks like the knit stitch of the brioche ribbing.

But I do appreciate the simplicity and clarity of explanation on this pattern — it’s been a few years, and this time I did NOT struggle with brioche stitch!

November 29, 2019

Total project weight 68g
Height 8.5 in (unblocked)

Never the same river twice

Started with “Architecture” but didn’t like having to count rows, pulled back to the end of the toe and incorporated the 1×1 cables in a ribbing pattern.

Will add notes about which toe type, row pattern, and when I get to heel etc.

November 19, 2019

Slightly shorter than the last time I did the flk heel, I think.

Pattern for back of socks:

p2k2 x 7; p2; cable pattern over 4 st; p2; k2p2 x 6