kind of an old-style link dump

I’m? on? strike? today? – which from all the extra question marks is a big thing to say, but here we are. I’m not sure I’m yet in a place where I want to do a lot of writing about how I got here, only that I took today to do research and write to officials.

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(more information from Black Lives Matter Seattle)

So I’m going to drop a bunch of my research here in case it is useful for others, because looking stuff up is what I do. In no particular order:

Notably, this is mostly cop stuff, which is important but insufficient. It’s what I’m focusing on today but maybe not what I want to focus on long term.

The rest of these links should be considered somewhat aspirational, for my own reference and future work. (I know, I have Pinboard, but it’s a mess. This is also a mess, but at least it’s on one page for me to go back to.)

I’m doing a lot of thinking, and I’m trying also to take action, in ways that I can handle right now. I want to be accountable without making it a me me me thing, which is tricky, and why I’m writing it all out in my own space.