in the garden last week

As it happens, I was gone most of the week, but yesterday was nice, so I got to spend some time in the yard….

  • Started deadheading the lilacs.
  • The bluebells are dying back.
  • The morning glory & buttercups are going a bit nuts.
  • C finished trimming the candytuft while I was gone. (He also bought 4 tomato starts at an elementary school plant sale.)
  • The poplars are definitely all the way leafed out, and the locusts & the grape are starting to leaf out as well.
  • The first blooms have appeared on the lupins. (sp?)
  • I saw a few strawberry flowers!
  • The red thyme & the cranesbill are about to bloom.
  • I mowed my paths, which definitely needed it.

I also bought quite a few plants at Eastside Urban Farm & Garden; they were having a Mother’s Day plant sale.

  • Two raspberry canes
  • Two different kinds of tall grasses
  • Pumpkin start
  • Cucumber start
  • Amazing lemon-scented thyme
  • Hen & chicks
  • Blue star creeper
  • A fairly sizable blueberry bush

I’m pretty excited about expanding (gradually!) the nice cultivated areas.