the ways my cats wake me up

I realized last night that each of the cats has a different way of getting my attention during the night. You probably don’t care (dear reader), but I decided to write it down.

Boingo jumps on the bed and walks around and around my head. I often think he’s just there to sleep, since he often sleeps on my bed, but if he just won’t settle down, then that means he wants something. (Food, usually.)

Creamsicle cries. And cries and cries and cries. It’s the worst horrible infant-like sound, completely impossible to sleep through. Plus sometimes what he “wants” is just to be petted and played with. At 3am.

Pika  wanders around the room scratching on random things. Walls, cardboard boxes, pieces of furniture. The scratching is more akin to someone knocking on a door, vs a cat using a scratching post: just a light scritch-scritch-scritch.

Trixie…is awesome. Occasionally I’ll hear her running down the hall, but in that case she’s just entertaining herself. Usually she sleeps all night curled up in one of her few preferred spots, and doesn’t bother us at all. (Altho when I get up she sometimes comes over and meows quite insistently until/while she gets pets.)

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