cloud shawl

10/10 – I think it would look even better being blocked, but pretty happy with the results as is. (Was sort of hoping to end up with something bigger, tho.)

note: I washed & very lightly blocked: yes, definitely bigger, if not huge. Needs a shawl pin.

Starting rows: (since they aren’t in the pattern!)

CO 5 stitches
K2, M1, K1, M1, K2 (don’t remember which direction those Ms were)
K2, P3, K2
K2, M1L, K1, M1R, K1, M1L, K1, M1R, K2
K2, P7, K2
Then as per pattern

Not super-thrilled with how that turned out in the top center at the moment, but will see when it’s actually done.

Probably did a couple rows too many of the first section of stockinette.

Somehow ended up uneven between the two sides, worked it out when I was at about 70 stitches total.