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keynote: karen mcgrane

Categories: conference notes, drupal, drupalcon2013

“I would not have the professional success that I have today if it were not for this community [Drupal]”

audio interfaces? yipes. (with the reminder that touchscreens used to be horrible)

the return of the em vs i debate? (paging matt may: how’s that work out on screenreaders?)

content strategy bingo: google glass

digital signage…and she actually mentions a university client.

bingo: refrigerator

bingo: blobs; “like MS Word”

“metadata is the new art direction” — does that mean that it’s possible to have someone who actually is a content strategist/art director?!

content packages. THIS is ultimately my issue with Cascade Server; it’s just too tied to the page model.

I’m very glad that she tackled the spark/wyisiwyg thing head on.

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