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seasons: spring redux

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Back in January I wrote about “cold spring” and “warm spring”, because that’s the way I remembered it…now we’re actually getting into spring, and I’m feeling a need to adjust from my earlier comments, partially because spring is so erratic. I’d almost say at this point that there’s a mild wet spring and a bright spring (cold at night, warm in the day) that are entirely intertwined. If it’s overcast/raining, then it’s probably about the same temperature (mid40s – mid50s) day and night. If there’s sun, then it’s cold at night and warm (near 60) by midafternoon. Although we’ve also gotten some of those days when it’s clear early in the evening, clouds over into the morning, and then burns off late. So yes, erratic. (Also: some almost-snow here, actual snow in other parts of the region, a couple of days last week.)

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