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It’s odd…by any objective measure this (the eee transformer tablet+keyboard) is too small to write on, but this morning when I sat down to write, I started up my computer…and decided that I’d rather be writing with the smaller device. Maybe it’s the distance between my eyes and the screen, or just the smallness of the thing, or that the application that I’m using fills the entire screen. Something that makes the blank screen somewhat less intimidating.

I downloaded Scrivener for Windows onto my computer, finally. I loved the program on my Macbook, and I think of it as a re-commitment to being serious (?) about writing. It will be interesting to see what kind of workflow I can get into with Scrivener on the desktop and whatever little word processing program I use on this thing. I think I want to start by finishing my last NaNoWriMo project (2010?), which I mostly wrote in Scrivener, along with some paper journals. That should give me something to start with.

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