Oh, huh…little visual tweaks to the WordPress Android app on the tablet. Probably a long time ago. I just updated most of the software on here after procrastinating for months & months because I needed to remove C’s account and wasn’t sure if there’d be side effects. There weren’t any.

Today I brought some potting soil & a flowerpot with me to finally replant the cuttings I took of a spider plant last summer. I’m trying really hard to do all these silly little things that I’ve been needlessly procrastinating about. Over the weekend I did taxes and sorted through some papers related to the truck crash. See also updating software on the tablet. I finally bought the knitting needles I need to finish a project that’s probably going to take an hour or two once I have them. I actually ordered a big set of a bunch of sizes of DPNs, because it’s sort of annoying to keep buying them piecemeal, which is something else I’ve been meaning to do.