Oh the terror of the blank screen. I was doing so well with writing earlier, and now…

I think I’m getting stuck on anxiety about my “audience,” and when writing about personal stuff, wondering who’s reading.

I’ve probably exhausted the topic of the seasons for now. The fact that it was basically talking about the weather is not lost on me.

I’m still in full retreat from volunteering obligations, and I’m still not biking hardly at all. Probably not a good sign in either case. On the other hand, I did go lap swimming on Monday for the first time in probably a dozen years. (I used to belong to the downtown Tacoma YMCA, when I worked at United Way, and sometimes went swimming.) And I’m going to go again today…I hope. (Depending on meetings.) Normally on a Thursday I’d go to the “strength training” class that reminds me of step aerobics, but I’ve got this weird blister between my big toe & 2nd toe, so jumping around for 45 minutes seems like a very bad idea. I was sort of amazed at how much of a workout it was to swim laps for 20 minutes. I’m looking forward to doing again.

I was going to go yesterday, even…and I don’t know how it is that I can want to do something and know that it’s good for me, but still not actually do it.

O HAI WRITING. (Or something like that.)

Monday evening was Oly Book Club — we don’t all read the same book; whoever shows up just talks about whatever it is they’ve been reading lately. So I went through my Goodreads…and discovered I’d read maybe a dozen books in all of 2012, including books I didn’t finish. No five-stars, either, so I probably won’t write a “best reading of 2012” post. It seems a bad sign how little I read, altho I think some of that was switching my bus activity to Twitter and/or knitting. I’ve decided to give audiobooks another shot, since I’ve discovered I can sort of mostly listen well while knitting on the bus.

I’ll try this again tomorrow and see if I can come up with anything better….