nothing in particular, low mood

Sour stomach, C up all night with neck pain, heavy rain. So tired this morning, I don’t know how I’m going to get through the day. It looks to be one of those days where I’m going to want to find some coding project I can bury myself in all day.

I gave myself a little time to sit and write, but I can hardly string two words together.

Things I’d like to be able to do from the WordPress Android app (tablet version): write a custom excerpt, close comments.

And my own shoulder is sore, though whether from spending a chunk of my workday sitting (instead of at the standing desk) or from my first workout class since probably at least before Thanksgiving I don’t really know.

Might actually sleep on the bus instead of reading or knitting.

Mom gave me a knitting book for Christmas, and I got inspired to use one of the techniques to make something (a scarf, probably) with some yarn I have left over from earlier projects. This winter making things for other people has been a bit of a mixed bag: hats too small, a shawl not quite the right style, a scarf with a pattern too tricky for meeting knitting. Although I’m pleased with how that last turned out.

Probably should stop writing. I’m feeling low enough this morning that it’s liable to just be “ruminating”, in the psychological parlance, and that doesn’t do me a lot of good.