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growing things everywhere

It might be a trite observation, but I’m freshly noticing that life really does try to get a foothold pretty much everywhere.

seasons: this time in metric!

An addendum to my previous writing about seasons…. I switched the weather app on my phone (Weatherbug, FWIW) from Fahrenheit to Celsius the other day. I expected to be surprised by the number: 8 degrees?! And that’s kinda mild? I don’t even. But expected. But I hadn’t thought much about each degree being “bigger”, so […]


Oh the terror of the blank screen. I was doing so well with writing earlier, and now… I think I’m getting stuck on anxiety about my “audience,” and when writing about personal stuff, wondering who’s reading. I’ve probably exhausted the topic of the seasons for now. The fact that it was basically talking about the […]