the things

What I’ve seen fit to bring into my new office so far….

  • Pretty rock I found in a river while on vacation last month.
  • The “ladies of Lego” including a Vintage Minifigure Collection (plus the Smart Car lego)
  • Tiny Fimo penguin made by one of the graphic designers I worked with at Pierce
  • Plastic owl
  • Rear-view mirror for mounting on the corner of a monitor
  • Ceramic cat that Elizabeth gave me
  • Wind-up glow in the dark angel that a former boss gave me
  • Squeeze ball from UWPC
  • Ceramic cup that Kat made
  • Plastic magician’s wand that Tom W gave me
  • Picture of C & Sasha in a fake fur frame
  • Drawing of “the village of H’urn” by C
  • Wrist warmers that I knit last year
  • Picture from a calendar that I made a few years ago
  • Calendar from TwinStar
  • Pink plastic fish that Grey mailed me from SF with a pound of mint tea
  • Wooden pencil holder shaped like a whale that I’ve had since I was little
  • Cuecat
  • Photo of C’s hand holding a bit of moss, taken by a friend as part of a class project…at Evergreen
  • Printout of an email, sent by Wendy at UWPC but as if from Tom’s address: “You are queen of the ratbags.”
  • Painting by Paula
  • Model horse, an Appaloosa foal with its tail broken off, which I’ve had since I was a kid
  • Three cards: a fairy sent to me by HA, a panorama of the Greene Hotel (?) in Pasadena, and a drawing of Congress Avenue that I got during SXSW, maybe in 2008?
  • Magnet made from a d20 that I got as part of a craft exchange, which holds a tea tag that says “Fortune favors the brave.”

This doesn’t include things like toiletries, tea & snack supplies, or books.

And wow, that’s a lot of stuff…although most of it is small. They make the space feel like it’s mine, and they remind me where I’ve been, and where I want to go.

Yes, I’m posting this in lieu of something concrete about my new job.