a little change

So I guess I’ll blurt it out on the internet the same way I’ve been blurting it out in person: I got a new job.

My last day at the credit union is April 27, then I’m going to take a bit of a break and start my new job right after Memorial Day.

I’m going to be going to work at The Evergreen State College with the title of CMS Specialist — which means I’m doing web development and providing support to content creators on their CMS, Cascade. I imagine there will be lots of other things do as well. I’ll be on a small team, working for the Web Manager. I’ve known my new boss for something like eight years; I like and respect her a lot. It’ll be a fun new challenge to get to work with other web people, instead of being that one “out standing in my field.”

I won’t be doing so much Drupal, which I’m sad about, although I’ll keep up with it on my side projects and whatnot. (Same as I’ve done with WordPress the last few years. FWIW, I’m still mostly planning on going to DrupalCon Portland, even if it’s on my own time/dime. Drupal people are just that awesome. And apparently there are some Drupal & WordPress installations at the college that I’ll probably be helping with as well.)

In any case, I’ll get to focus more on actual web work, which I’m very excited about. Yay coding! And lots of things to learn and dig into.

The commute will be different; it might take me a few weeks to work up the courage to tackle the hills involved in getting all the way across through downtown. But the bus trip is virtually identical to my current commute, just in the opposite direction. And there’s all sort of good fitness opportunities, even if it’s just having a track to run around. (Yes, I’ve taken up running. More about that later, if I remember to write it.)

I’m happy and excited for the change, and looking forward to new experiences in a new environment.

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