Quiet time

So all that’s been here for a while now has been Flickr photos.

Aside from the fact that I need to get my other external service imports (Pinboard, Goodreads, Twitter…and add Ravelry?) working again, I just haven’t been in a great space for writing.

Ok, that’s not entirely it. I’ve been journaling some, but not producing much that feels right for public consumption. Been in a bit of a slump and don’t feel much like talking about it. Instead, I chit-chat on Twitter.

Speaking of which, Twitter-friends will know that our eldest kitty, Sasha, has been diagnosed with kidney failure. We took her to the vet on Valentine’s Day (which I guess says loads about our relationship) and found out later that week. So it’s been about a month; she’s doing reasonably well, still very lively and affectionate most of the time. Getting her to eat and administering subcutaneous fluids is pretty stressful, though.

Spring has been slow to kick in, although I’m trying to keep a good attitude about it. I’ll be very happy when the phrase “wintry mix” no longer appears in the forecast. Optimistically, WeatherBug’s 7-day forecast only shows it for today.

The back-shoulder complex continues to recover; this week, my doc got me started with physical therapy. The first appointment was fantastic, and I’m feeling better about where that’s going.

I’ve been trying to write a conclusion for this point about where I’ve been and where I’m going, but it’s just not coming together. Let’s just say that I’m still here.