Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
author: Seth Grahame-Smith
name: Elaine
average rating: 3.64
book published: 2010
rating: 4
read at: 2012/03/01
date added: 2012/03/05
shelves: fiction, biography, fantasy, history, ebook
Took me two attempts to read this; the opening framing is honestly not all that good.

But the book itself is surprisingly entertaining, with a strongly characterized Lincoln and a milieu that incorporates vampirism without letting it overwhelm the whole historical setting. Vampires are not a universally acknowledged phenomenon, and Lincoln’s vampire hunting is a secret to most of the people in his life. (Additionally, it’s not his whole life. One of the touches of realism is how career and family take him away from those activities.)

The artwork, while amusing, detracts from the book as a whole. Photoshopping is well-done but the effect is still cheesy.

But definitely recommended. I used to be nuts for vampire books (own lots of Anne Rice still), and have had a nerd-crush on Lincoln since I was a little girl. This book doesn’t disappoint either of those interests.