Snowmaggedon Chili

I made this twice (three times including today) during the recent snow craziness, while I’ve been laid up with a cold. It’s damn tasty and opens up my sinuses, plus a good way to use up little bits and bobs of a roast chicken.

1 can diced tomato
cumin, chili powder, garlic salt
1 can beans (Navy or black, I think I prefer Navy)
Some leftover roasted chicken, including a leg bone
Frozen corn

Put tomato, spices (to taste, whatever you prefer), and leg bone in saucepan, bring to slow boil then reduce to low. Simmer for a while; chop up chicken into bite-size pieces. Add chicken & corn, bring back up to bubble, reduce and simmer some more. Remove leg bone. Serve. Makes 4-5 small bowls full. Really good with sour cream.