This was my Fall

I went to Portland for a week for a conference & training; I got sick on my vacation immediately after that; C got sick on our vacation; I almost got sick again when I came back; I had back spasms, and then I was in a car wreck.

About that:

  • Two days before Thanksgiving.
  • I was not on my bike, I was driving my truck.
  • No broken bones or missing limbs. “Okay” is a relative term.
  • My truck, on the other hand, was totaled.
  • I was turning left with the arrow light. The other guy ran a red coming straight towards me.
  • It was pretty much the most terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced.
  • I hadn’t been on my bike much before that, and I haven’t biked to work since. Yes, it’s kinda driving me nuts.

So I’m definitely glad to see the Fall come to an inglorious end.

On the plus side, my truck was worth more than I owed on it; both Geico and Group Health have been lovely; the week in Portland was fun and educational; I got a cool new thing to replace the deceased Macbook, and I learned how to knit. Oh, and I’m in a new game group. (I have saved blog posts about those last two things that I really need to post soonish.)