Parse error, you say?

I’ve been trying to write here from either my phone or my tablet in the WordPress Android app for several weeks now and keep getting “XMLRPC Fault: parse error. not well formed [code -32700]” in return. So today I turned off all the plugins* (except Akismet & auto-closing comments), which didn’t help right away, but I might give it another try later. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what’s next. Maybe an error in one of the automatically generated posts? So I’ll write some more from the web interface? Maybe something gone horribly wrong in the theme? (I have updated WordPress to the latest version, FWIW.)

Searching has been of almost no help, so if I do figure out what happened, I’ll post it here.

* Ones I’m suspicious of: Twitter Tools, RSS-Digest, FeedWordPress, Flickr Digest. Basically, anything that posts content for me.