sleep update

I’ve been trying out sleep-related apps on my phone, per my earlier post, and quickly discovered that my first two choices just manually tracked how many hours of sleep, not anything about that sleep. And hey, I was already doing that myself, at least part of the time!

So now I’m using Electric Sleep, which does movement tracking, along with how many hours, along with asking each morning your subjective judgement (plus a spot to record dreams). It also tries to use the timing of your “light sleep” to wake you up close to your alarm time, with the idea that you’ll wake more easily.

And boy is my sleep graph spiky. I have no idea where it lays in the spectrum of normal sleep; I can say that some of the wakefulness is attending to the (damn) cats. :\ I’m ambivalent about the alarm timing feature; it seems to conflict with my timed light, waking me up before the light comes on, which is terribly counter-productive. I either need to push back the alarm time, or make the light come on earlier.