Blog writing at Starbucks in the sun

My first day back to work, and I’m taking a little break to get out of the office and experience this delightful afternoon sun. Yes, I went to Starbucks. I wish there were another good “hang-out” option, but this is the wilderness of south(ish) Lacey. I just got tea, though, because I don’t want the burst of caffeine, and I don’t want to spend the extra money.

I know: super-boring LiveJournal-style blogging. But I’m trying to get into a regular writing habit — I’m not doing the full NaNoWriMo experience; I am thinking about finally finishing off last years, but mostly I just want to be writing, to explore technique, to get into stories, and just to enjoy writing.

I’m overhearing a job interview (I think) for a food-service-focused temp company, two older women being walked through the process by an older guy in slacks and a black trenchcoat. Lots and lots of rules about calling in, getting paychecks, etc. And now the women are gone, and he’s talking to a young guy, I’d almost guess high school, although now I’m too old to be good at estimating that anymore. Or rather, the young guy is looking at paperwork while the interviewer eats a pastry. He has another fellow with him, also in slacks and trenchcoat, but with an injured foot, also a bit younger, probably about my age, with a goatee or a soul patch…and a really irritating laugh.

I’ve seen a surprising number of job/business opportunity interviews at this Starbucks. If a business has its own office, why do they interview here? Always strikes me as sketchy at best.

Now that I have the WordPress app on my crazy little tablet thing (with keyboard!) and I can have a computer anywhere, and I can write w/out internet access, I think I’m going to do this more often. So forewarned is forearmed, or something. (Ie, if you find my rambling dull, you may want to unsub or whateveer now. FWIW, I’m doing tech writing at