random blah blah blah

Feeling kinda brain-fried right now, after almost a week in Portland, 3 days for Google Analytics training, 2 days for Drupal Summit. Wildly disrupted sleep schedule: the first couple of days my old-lady knee hurt all night, so I hardly slept; last night I stayed up until 1:30am, which pretty much never happens, and I haven’t gotten up any later than 7am all week, so…yeah. (And also: PMS FTL.)

I’ve gotten lots out of this, both events, and I’ll have to spend some time with my notes, but I do feel like I’m about to hit the wall. So I’m sitting in the “hackers’ lounge”, basically a meeting room with round tables and lots of extension cords, other programmers talking and typing and whatnot.

I could be reviewing my notes. I could be working on projects. I could be catching up on my (personal) email and seeing if there’s anything I need to do for ENA or BPAC…which I’m sure there is, and I totally don’t want to do any of that.

Tomorrow I go home, and then I have the next two weeks on vacation. We were going to make plans to go someplace or do some work, and we never did actually do that. But right now, I just want to sleep.

Not just: I would love to get some more social time, but don’t quite have a group to hang out with. It seems particularly strange to feel like an outsider in a group that’s all (or almost all) other nerds. Like: really?

I wonder if I would be in a better frame of mind if I did just start on something and do stuff. (Alternatively: I really miss my bicycle. Alternatively alternatively: maybe I should just knit.)