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(Explanation for my regular readership: With the last Delicious disaster, a group of fanfic folks have started a Google Doc with feature requests and whatnot for Pinboard, the bookmarking service. I skimmed it, noticed a request for blog posting, and said that I was doing that and would be happy to share how.)

I’ve been posting links to for a while now. And then sometime later I decided I wanted to cross-post my links here, because I’m a belt-and-suspenders kinda gal.*

What I’m doing is ridiculously simple: I have the RSS Digest plugin set to create a daily digest of my Pinboard RSS feed. (A typical result.)

The Pinboard RSS feed is formatted like this:

You put that URL (with your username) in the Feed URL field, set the rest of the options however you want them, and that’s it.

It’s worth noting that this doesn’t save any private links, which includes anything marked as “to read”, since it’s taking from your public RSS feed. You could in theory use the feed with the secret token.

And I haven’t yet worked out how to include the tags, although it doesn’t look like that can be done with RSS Digest. I also have the FeedWordPress plugin installed, which is what I use to repost the reviews I write on Goodreads. (Why do I have two different RSS posting plugins installed? No idea.) It looks like the custom post settings in FeedWordPress could be used to do that. If I try it, I’ll report back here.

* I signed up for Pinboard really early, when it was in beta and it was free. I’d been using Delicious for a long time even then, since before they got bought by Yahoo. I poked around with Pinboard, but still liked Delicious. Then there was a scare (in 2009?) that Yahoo was going to be bought by Microsoft or something. I don’t really remember. But it made me nervous, so I switched over to Pinboard full time. I actually prefer having a doubled-up system with both my site and someone else’s service. For several years I had disastrous experiences with webhosting, which once included having to call a colo in Colorado (!) and beg for access to my files because the reseller I’d bought hosting from had vanished from the face of the earth. So I have paranoia in both directions.

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  1. You got me started on pinboard. I read your description, then checked out the website and was intrigued by the business plan. I think I payed about $7 to join.

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