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Twitter Digest for 2011-09-15

  • @Oakwright I'm picky, I guess. in reply to Oakwright #
  • "He'll polish your bulkheads." #doubleentendre #fastandfuriousdeltaquadrant #
  • B'lannah just deployed the NOS. #fastandfuriousdeltaquadrant #
  • Watching "fast & the furious: delta quadrant" – star trek voyager racing episode. 🙂 #
  • @Oakwright tried runkeeper again; pretty interface but doesn't track everything I want. (Max speed, total time vs moving time/speed.) #
  • @olybuzz for me it's part&parcel of an LA heritage, (lack of) water is _everything_ – also a childhood as a PBS dork. 😉 in reply to olybuzz #
  • Reading L.A.: Marc Reisner's 'Cadillac Desert' – http://t.co/IoNlKjIF #
  • Huh, I guess it did come out in 1996. Proof that memory is a tricky thing? (I associate it with the speech I wrote on water & west in HS.) #
  • @olybuzz I don't think it's ever been released on DVD! (like Connections until recently.) cc @olyfilmsociety in reply to olybuzz #
  • And then I found "share this page" link – hey, how 'bout using normal URLs?! #
  • Oh, SirsiDynix, why do you make it so hard to make a link I can send to other people? /shakes fist #
  • @olybuzz TRL's video copy is VHS. 🙁 But wow, looks like the whole series is on YouTube…in 10-minute segments. o.O in reply to olybuzz #
  • Pretty sure wikipedia entry for vid has wrong release date, tho. Distinctly remember watching it at home in HS. #
  • Wish video was on dvd/web! Personal fave, key to understanding US west. RT @olybuzz: READ & WATCH 'Cadillac Desert' (by Marc Reisner,1986) #
  • @RepoRat http://t.co/UaGGmfO in reply to RepoRat #
  • @RepoRat I made a Metafilter post out of the Wash U story. 🙂 in reply to RepoRat #
  • @dylanw I think our schedule is clear that day. in reply to dylanw #
  • #drupal q: what's your process for evaluating base/framework themes, assuming an existing design? (Which predates Drupal conversion FWIW.) #
  • @kermix23 mechanically, I'm not a super-huge fan of the skill challenge as a game technique. It would seem to reduce the value of role play. in reply to kermix23 #
  • @kermix23 I've seen/gotten/given points specifically for good RP. DM for my tues 4e game doesn't talk abt XP, which I find I like. in reply to kermix23 #
  • @kermix23 interrogation, not always our strong suit. :/ in reply to kermix23 #
  • @kermix23 these were the bad guys. Er, gals. in reply to kermix23 #

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