stuff elsewhere

Definitely not doing too well about writing here. Alas.


I’ve been writing a bit on various web-dev topics on my other blog, “The Web Generalist,” after a long hiatus. Yay for nerding out.

Also, earlier this winter I put some of the jewelry I’ve made up on Etsy. I still have a bag full of bits and pieces to finish, tho I’ve no idea when that will happen.

As for things I often write about here:

  • I wrote most of a HUGE blog post about my Android experience a while back, using another web service…which ATE MY POST. Haven’t had that happen in a while, and it was terribly demoralizing.
  • Haven’t been biking much. I blame last fall’s one-two-punch of the sprained chest & spider bite, and then today the switch to daylight savings time meant it was freaking dark when I had to leave for work. What a bummer.
  • Haven’t been writing much either; still haven’t finished NaNo ’10.
  • Been busy. Been tired. Nothing really all that fun to write about.
  • I started playing in a 4th edition D&D game with a gal I know through Goodreads, and that’s been fun. Sometimes our DM builds cool models.

Until I write something else more interesting, here’s a cute cat.